Born in
Baton Rouge

In South Louisiana,  you see it scrawled on the weathered sides of fishing boats, hear it dropped casually in conversation over café au lait: “Lagniappe”. A French Creole pronunciation comes out roughly as “Lanyap”, which is what we’ve taken as our name.

But what is Lanyap? It’s that little something extra.” It’s a complimentary bowl of craw-fish bisque with your meal. It’s an unexpected bouquet of orchids in your hotel room. It’s the third encore after the show.

We grew up steeped in South Louisiana values, with Lanyap in our blood. And we bring Lanyap with us from our welcoming bayou origins to the cityscapes of Dallas and beyond.

Nikki Ferlazzo
Nikki Ferlazzo
Creative & Digital
David Ezell
David Ezell
Founder & Brand Expert
Nichole Panik Earle
Nichole Panik Earle
Creative & Digital
Josh Gellock
Josh Gellock
Office Tranquility Expert
Katie Harrington
Katie Harrington

Now for the good stuff

We Deliver

Our four key tenets are branding, digital, SEO, and strategy. We utilize each of these components to ensure that you’re not just getting a website or company rebrand, but a highly thought out, evidence-based approach to your story.

Lanyap is “that little something extra.” We draw our inspiration and direction from the likes of Seth Godin and Simon Sinek. Whether it’s finding your “Purple Cow”, or “Starting with Why”, our end result lies in the center of a Venn diagram of our four key principles.

Simply put,
we love what we do.

Our passion is creatively and strategically telling your story. Whether that’s through branding, web design or SEO, our focus is making your business cohesive, consistent and remarkable.

We’re the creative catalyst, crafting brands that attract the spotlight, spurring your business towards the remarkable. We work with early stage, high-growth companies, partnering with you every step of the way.

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