our story

Funky word, serious results:

In South Louisiana, you see it scrawled on the weathered sides of fishing boats, hear it dropped casually in conversation over café au lait: “Lagniappe”. A French Creole pronunciation comes out roughly as “Lanyap”, which is what we’ve taken as our name.

But what is Lanyap? It’s that little something extra. It’s a complimentary bowl of crawfish bisque with your meal. It’s an unexpected bouquet of orchids in your hotel room. It’s the third encore after the show.

We grew up steeped in South Louisiana values, with Lanyap in our blood. And we bring Lanyap with us from our welcoming bayou origins to the cityscapes of Dallas and beyond.

For us, Lanyap is a reminder of Who We Are,
and the driving force behind What We Do.

David carries this spirit with him, along with a degree in Communication Design from Louisiana Tech and a growing portfolio of accomplishments and accolades in branding and marketing. Jeff combines his degree in Graphic Design from Louisiana Tech with extensive work in fluid web development, SEO and marketing.

Lanyap runs through our more than twenty years of combined experience, and it is the little something extra that elevates each of our associations from a customer to a fan…from a fan to a cherished friend.

David Ezell
Branding Expert

Jeff Montgomery
Web Aficionado

Office Tranquility Expert